Hi, this website is primarily about giving people healthy living tips and knowledge about different and easy ways to live a better and healthier life. Everything I put in my blogs comes straight from different reliable sources, among them; NASM, ACSM or eatright.org etc. I invested a lot of time while in school and after I graduated to find these reliable sources that I use for my studies. In  essence, this website is free information that a lot of people pay for when they hire a personal trainer. You will save you a lot of time from researching the right sites, for reliable healthy living tips.

I do offer training sessions for right now just in Westminster MD, I provide the only equipment we would need. Most of my methods are techniques that are to be used with the most important piece of workout Machinery, that’s right,  our own bodies. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to attack my abs and make them shine as well as how to burn my body fat as fast as possible. What I’m about to tell you, I don’t suggest anyone does it, as it can be unhealthy, but I went through a lot of experimentation of my own, trying to figure out which ways work the best in losing weight and how to achieve weight loss faster.  I made myself the guinea pig by gaining weight then losing it. I did this three or four times so I can be sure about what I’m doing or saying and every time I was able to successfully lose all the weight I had gained. At one time, I lost 30 lbs and dropped to about  15% body fat in 30 days. Every day as I climb the ladder in the health and fitness world, I find new and fun ways to help others achieve the same goals that I want; to live long, look young and feel young.