You do not have to follow someone else diet to lose weight, but you do have to keep track what you eat depending on what you do through out the day. One rule of thumb,  among everything you consume you should know how much micronutrients you eat. One is your proteins, its responsible  for building your lean muscle.Remember you have to exercise for your protein intake to be use in a positive way, if not your body will store it as fat whats not needed for your resting metabolic rate (RMR) we will talk about that in another post that’s a conversation all on its own.Two your carbs is your energy you need something, your body can use to burn when you are exercises or just walking to the mail box. If you don’t have some carbs your body will start looking somewhere else to use for energy, either your fat or protein most the time it will come from you protein and that’s not good that’s when you burn off your muscle. Three you need good fats they are needed because you need to consume fats to obtain some vitamins, and the unsaturated fats found in plant oils, certain vegetables and fish can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating fats also makes you feel satiety, or fullness, “We don’t feel quite as hungry, and that may help with weight control.”

Published by: davidgerting

I'm 32, I live in Westminster Md. For the longest time I struggle to figure out what I want to do for a living. Until I realize for the last 4 or so years, everything I love doing was about health and fitness so about 2 years ago. I decided to go to school for exercise science I got my A.A degree then I processed to study for the National Academy sports medicine (NASM) exam after I pass I started my journey to try different workouts and different meal plans I even start my education trying to became a dietitian hopefully I'll be a RD in the next 2 years through out the day I strive to learn as much as I can. Now I can honestly say, I can help anyone the wants to lose weight gain muscle or just over all want to be more healthier.

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